Monday, October 14, 2013

Plentiful Peppers....

 So, we are rich in peppers. Why? Well who knows, but October of 2013 is pepper month here at Chez Fultmeyer. Was it the superhot summer, or perhaps the torrential downpour of late September? Again, I wouldn't try to take a guess at why our pepper crop is the only thing going bonkers at the moment, but it is! So, how do we use all these peppers???? And my anwser....???

I don't have a CLUE!!!!

Yes, you can mess your hands to crazy pepper oblivion slicing and dicing and making pepper jelly and freezing...but really, for my hands, that are inflicted with crazy eczema, allergies, in and out of gloves, washing dozens of times a day, sterilizing several times a week for surgery, even WITH more gloves to dice and chop all these peppers. I just wasn't into it.
So, a whole colander sat. For like TWO weeks. Sure I would throw in one or two into a spaghetti sauce to spice it up a bit, but no big looming ideas were coming to use these suckers up.
Until TONIGHT!!!
Insert dinner guests....4 hungry MEN to be exact! And my modified jalapeno popper recipe was attempted! You see we didin't really grow jalapenos...we're not really the HOT family, we're the more mild sweet Italian pepper OR Hungarian wax pepper with an occasional habanero thrown in there. So that's what I did, took  ALL the various peppers I had, only minimal slicing, and voila!!! Stuff with cream cheese, (our 30% less fat laughing cow swiss triangles, cuz that's what I had....) wrap half with delish bacon, (gotta please the vegetarians in our midst!) and you have a delectable treat! With varying spiciness, not all hot, some mild, all delicious. And I used 30...THIRTY of the stinkin peppers with my dish tonight :-) And I actually thought the little peppers without the bacon were just as tasty as those with the pig wrapping.

Success I'd say. Not so much kid friendly, but a super yummy spicy treat. Now I'll be sad to see my bountiful peppers go...


Ashley said...

looks yummy

Deborah said...

Wish I knew that earlier this year. We had a big crop at our longer. Oh well hopefully we will have a garden in our next place. Love the bacon. I enjoyed mine in my morning eggs.

Sheelagh said...

YUM! I want one. Funny though, we had bacon tonight for dinner too...shrimp cooked in bacon grease with veggies cookies in bacon grease with a slice of bacon on the side. Add some noodles and you have dinner. hahaha Oh yes, the veggies did include some yummy sweat red peppers. I have a yummy pepper recipe for you, with as much slicing as you chose. I will email it.
Happy Peppering.