Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wise at Four

Playing 20 Questions with Forrest
1) How old are you?
Really! When did you turn six?
I'm FOUR Mama
2) What are your favorite foods?
Toast and bread....and sausage
3)What is your favorite drink
Apple juice
4)What is your favorite toy?
dinosaur robot
5)what is your favorite thing to do outside?
6) Who are your best friends?
Tabis, Bwaden, Gunner, and Fisher, he's a special guy
7) What is your favorite color?
8)If you could teach your little brother one thing, what would it be?
How to not bwoke my lego house
9)What is your favorite dessert?
ice cream with chocolate sprinkles like at bawa's house
10)What do you want to learn about this year?
I want to learn about Arcata
11)What is your favorite book?
The dinosaur book Kawen got me
12)What is one thing you really want to do tomorrow at your birthday party?
Give my special tweats to my friends
13) What do you want to be when you grow up?
---ummm, okay Forrest sure you can DRINK coffee when you grow up but what do you want to do?
Cut firewood like Dad
Okay...that's great! But remember you can do ANYTHING you want to. Fly an airplane, be a firefighter, be a doctor...
I wanna ride in airplanes!

And then...I lost him. But 13 isn't bad.

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Sheelagh said...

I love this! I might have to play 20 questions with a little boy I know over here tomorrow. Thanks for the great idea. :-)
I love that he wanted to give his treats out at his birthday and that his answer wasn't that he wanted to open gifts! So cool!