Monday, January 6, 2014

Talin in 2014...

Will be THREE in May :-)
Is a lover boy at his best...until his brother gets involved...or his parents won't give him his 'nacks...then it's "GO 'WAY MAMA! 'EEVE ME 'LONE!!!!!" stomping, hands on hips, it's really a crack up actually.
Won't shut up (no better way to say this...)
His talking is EXPLODING! (okay, I guess there was a better way to say it;-)
Still loves his pacificier....won't consider sending it to other new babies so tough love is coming soon folks...
Is a complete polar opposite of Forrest in some ways...but in crazy little boy energy they are a good match!
Is FINALLY sleeping better at night, and later! As in just started getting better this last month. Wowzers little Talin that took awhile! And you slept in till 745 yesterday! Amazing!
Is the LOVE of his daycare. The absolute favorite. Or so they tell me. Which is very nice to hear.
Is a super picky eater at the moment.
His hugs can melt me. "I wuv you SO much Ma!"
Loves big kid Legos but is no where developmentally near ready for them. Destructo mode is T-man at the moment!
Loves jackets and being bundled up outside, (who woooda thought!!!???)
Doesn't quite have the patience or attention span for books or movies...very different that Forrest.
Hasn't even started potty training yet...maybe this summer? (Or this should be the PARENTS are not into potty training yet, summer with warm days here we come!)
Is doing quite well in his two days a week of pre-school with big brother...until they start body slamming each other, then it's not so great, (with Talin sometime the instigator in a big way I hear...uhh ohhh)
Has yet to have, or really need, a hair cut...EVER! Awww, little infant hair still on his head?(oh yea, he was a bald one wasn't he!)
And the thing that is for certain, he is a sweet, humorous, 2 1/2 year old that I feel SO incredibly lucky to call my son. We love you Talin!


Alison Willis said...

I love both these little posts about your buddies. They are such cute guys - so different from one another:) what a nice peek inside them:)

Ashley said...

I think Riley and Parker are so opposite too.. Parker is so mellow compared to Riley though--- not sure it will last or not!! I hope so!!