Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's a party!!!

This little guy is turning Two!!!
Our household is in full fledged party planning, with all Grandparents visiting for the big event. And, it's supposed to POUR. What better fun than having 20 adults and 1-4 year olds over for a BBQ in the rain!
But, we perservere in this household. Plans are in force for outdoor and indoor fun with 2 woodstoves and plenty of good food, sugar, and of course....BEER, (gotta keep warm somehow!)
And don't forget the mere jubiliation of celebrating the 2 years of life Forrest has brought to us!
Wish us luck!
(Pictures of the last days of Forrest as a 1 year old to follow...)

Scaling small mountains with mama and little bro in tow
Reading with Granny
Finding mud puddles upon mud puddles with Grandpa!
Adventuring with mama...


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Forrest! Hope you have a wonderful party!

Ashley said...

ps looks like somebody got a hair cut! cute!