Monday, March 14, 2011

Forrest G. Fulton, 2 years old!

 Yep, this little boy has made it to the big TWO. Officially toddie status now, as he races around, playing with his cars, messing around in the sink, hooking up his trains, and coercing his parents into being his own personal jungle gym. Forrest is full of energy, and full of spunk. He has his favorite things, ("deedoo's"aka cookies, "moovies"aka Sesame Street, Thomas, or Planet Earth Series if his parents have any input at all, endless huge puddle walks, giving the dogs "teets"aka dog treats, and his new favorite, ballons and swatting them at whomever will play!)
 And he also has his dislikes, the usual diaper changes, (potty training can't come quick enough in this household,) waking up from naps, having his hands be cold or dirty beyond his liking, and putting on his jacket. Forget about the hat or beanie, just doesn't happen. This is just on top of the usual minute to minute attention span that is forever changing. You've just got to go with the flow with this kid!
We really can't believe this kiddo is already two whole years old. Two years ago he was just a little 7+ pound newborn and now look at him! How quickly these babies of ours grow up. I'm not sad at his "growing up," possibly because we're going to have another little newborn in our household soon enough, more just amazed that we all go through this amazing period of growth and change in just two short years....
We love you little Forrest!

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Amy Musser said...

Happy Birthday again Forrest!!! What a cutie...keep those pictures coming!