Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Little TykesTyke Bike Maker,

This is Forrest Fulton's mom, who is very much amazed at just how well your blue, red, and yellow piece of plastic holds up. Did you have ANY idea your bike could travel over 50 miles on dirt roads, through toddler knee deep puddles, up and over hills, even small mountains! Did you have any idea that the small plastic 3 inch wheels could withstand rocks, toddler tantrums, and, of course, the previously mentioned 50+ miles all pushed by this little tyke who is not even two yet?
We had no idea, as I've always seen the toddler play equipment that can litter a poor parent's yard, often going unnoticed by the toddler for months, even years, and then ends up in the dump. But this fine piece of plastic machinery is being USED. Not just used but if it had its own odometer, I think we would be amazed at the miles it will have traveled over its lifetime. We are quite happy that he prefers to push the piece of plastic rather than ride it, as that would probably entail that we push him the miles he likes to travel. This boy will push your lovely toddler transportation device till his little legs just about give out..., (if that's possible...)
My only worry is that Forrest is going to outrun the lifespan of this tyke bike, (which happens to be a hand me down from another active super boy, so who REALLY knows how many miles this trusty steed has on it!) and his baby brother won't get to run the wheels off of it as Forrest happily does now.
Oh well, Forrest's second choice is his plastic Fisher Price lawn mower, but that will have to be another letter.


The Fulton Parents who will always be grateful for the lifespan of your tyke bike.

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Amy Musser said...

It's good to know there are still things being made that withstand quite a bit!!!