Sunday, February 13, 2011

3rd trimester here we come...

27 weeks is upon us and our little baby boy #2 is 2+ lbs! As I move into the last third of this pregnancy and feel the familiar heavy belly starting to weigh me down thoughts of how having two little ones start to get to me. In good and bad ways of course. Both Alex and I are going through a bit of an anxiety time wondering how the heck we're going to manage one rambunctious toddler, one newborn, and two fulltime jobs.  I know these thoughts are plentiful among parents worldwide, and I know somehow it will work out, but geeze, the complexity of daycare, when, how much, and the all familiar breastfeeding and pumping woes I know will soon be upon us.
I am conquering the anxiety by planning ALREADY for this summer. Calls to my mom, (who as a hard working teacher has this summer off...woohoo!) and my sisters have already yielded the much needed help that will be necessary to transition this fairly smoothly running family of three to that crazy number of 4! It certainly does help knowing how much work one is and what works for one and what doesn't, but then other parents warn that two kids is not only twice the work, but FOUR times the work and my thoughts go haywire again.
Despite all this crazy pseudo planning, this pregnancy is breezing by quite nicely. The next few weeks will bring my wonderful glucose tolerance test, (which is always good for a somewhat sickly sugar high!) and my baby appointments moving to every two weeks. Also planning on how the heck baby #2 is going to get out in this world is being discussed. Names are being bounced around, but no big announcements here yet.
My little wee boy is treating me well, as I'm still able to jog a few times a week and stay active in the garden and on walks with Forrest, (yes, despite the looks of that picture above!!!) Work is trying, as I do a lot of procedures on veins which leaves me crawling around on the floor or leaning heavily over somebody. Patients must think I'm nuts to be in the different unusual positions I have to be in with my evergrowing belly, but, again, so far so good! This little guy is a mover, and seems already to be taking up ALL his space quite nicely. Now comes the miracle of how in the heck 5 more lbs of him is going to fit in ME....
one stretch mark at a time...;-)

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Sheelagh said...

You look great! Your belly looks so small in all the pictures. I can imagine that it makes a big impact on your work though. You're amazing in all you do!
I'm right with you in feeling a bit anxious about having this baby and adding to our family. It sounds like you are getting organized and having help is the best way to make the situation sane. How nice that your mom and sister can both come up for long visits.
And have awesome that you are still jogging! I am impressed all around and know you will do great in the birth and the life of this new addition.