Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mouse attack

We've had a bit of a mice problem here on our sweet home. Lately they have taken over our little greenhouse wreaking havoc on our baby starts. Our newly sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, etc was thoroughly plundered by these seemingly meek creatures. It was maddening. You would think they have enough vegetation to eat besides our babies! And that isn't all the damage they have done, more like just the tip of the iceberg. Alex has a handful of stories with mice getting into his truck and causing all sorts of damage, and though I have not had any damage to report yet, I've been known to get a mouse or two in my car.
When this happens, we set up our little zapper trap, stuff it with dog food, crackers, etc, and ZZZAAAPPP the little pests are electrocuted. Works fine when you have a tiny passerby in your car. But for the multitudes that can gain access to the greenhouse, this isn't enough unless you buy stock in D cell batteries.
So, my wonderful husband just finished making our greenhouse bomb proof, (well, hopefully at least mouse proof.) With loads of crush rock, some wire net flooring, and lots of grunt work we hopefully now have a nice peaceful greenhouse for the babies of our garden.
Time will tell......;-)

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