Friday, February 4, 2011

My fiesty nearly two year old....

One minute laughing crazily giving his daddy kisses on his nose, the next minute hitting his mama and throwing a fit for who knows what, (lack of blueberries, wanting to throw food, wanting the steak knife he knows he can't have, etc.)
Tis the life of this little dude!
It's been the challenging terrible two's here in this household, and yes, we haven't even hit that two year old milestone yet. I know it's common, very normal, and just about every parent goes through some form of it, but woweeee, it can be tough!
How can this little being be so cute and cuddly one minute, helping mom throw trash away and saying his adorable "HIIII" one minute and the next turn into demon toddler that can't seem to communicate for the life of him, likes to throw his milk on his momma, AND follow it up with slamming his dad with his toy dino.
We do timeout. We do straight out NO. We do explanations, long winded and short winded on why things are dangerous. We do distractions. And we also try not to set too many limits so he doesn't get straight up fed up with NO, (not that NO has much of an impact anymore....hmmmm.)
So, just a phase?
This too shall pass???
Or, are we missing the boat somewhere. I don't think so, at least not a major boat, but sometimes I wonder.
And then I see this little smile and some mysterious drug seems to make me forget his crazy ways and say YES, you can be a mother of two, you CAN!
One sticky mess at a time....


Amy Musser said...

Maybe he will be done with his "terrible 2's" early since he started early?!? I will cross my fingers for you. He is adorable though..

Ashley said...

Well I don't feel alone now! Riley is throwing tantrums now and again. She will sometimes pinch, head but, and mostly just cry, go limp and flop around on the ground. I guess its normal!! I hope it passes soon and does not become too regular!

Sheelagh said...

We have a very similar monster over here. Happy and sweet and silly one min and the next, BAM! Crazy! He often throws fits for what he wants and for what he doesn't want, even to the point that he refuses everything, even what he originally wanted! He also demands mom for this and dad for that, throwing fits when the opposite person is available.
It is all so normal. I think it started even earlier with Mayzie. I'm not sure about Addie. And yes, some of it goes away, and some of it morphs into the next stage.
I agree with all that you are doing. We use time out and NO and lengthy or short explanations. I also try to get him to look at me when I am explaining things to him, but that doesn't seem to work much.
Hitting it ever prevalent, but when I can get his sisters and others to say NO firmly and tell him that they don't like the way he is hitting them, he seems to lessen his action. Not always though. We are supposed to be consistent, but they never are, so it's difficult!

Just like everything else, this too shall pass. I hope Mr F is much nicer when your sweet baby comes though. Much love to you mama!

Sheelagh said...

Oh yeah and as if my comment couldn't be any longer....
I am really bad about it, but distraction seems to work really well with all my kids. Now if only I could remember to tickle more and get frustrated less. :-)
Good luck with that!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

"He often throws fits for what he wants and for what he doesn't want, even to the point that he refuses everything, even what he originally wanted!"

Sheelagh, this is SO true. It is pretty ridiculous after the fact and it leaves me shaking my head wondering what the heck to do. Often I resort to distractions but it almost seems like a treat then, (as his distractions often involve the things he likes doing...eating blueberries, feeding the dogs treats, etc.) and I wonder if that's what I really should be doing, almost as if I am rewarding his good behavior. But at the time I am usually at wits end, have tried all else, and just want to snap him out of his funk. He is chronically really grouchy when he wakes up from his nap, and seems to be a crazy demon baby for quite awhile until we find the right combo.
Crazy kids!

Alison Willis said...

Oh the joys to look forward to...
Good luck katie!!!