Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day sounds like a great day to have a baby....

"What are you planning for Mother's Day" is the question of the week.
"Having a a baby" is my answer :-)
The cankles are back in force, the last day of scheduled patients is tomorrow, this baby boy had an ultrasound which shows he's as healthy as can be, 7 lbs, 11 oz, and this body is starting to revolt. I'm 2-3 cm dilated and 60 % effaced, though have been that way for a week now, and I absolutely feel the change.
Now, granted, work has been INSANE.
No cutting back, easy, carefree days here. I would have loved that, but it can't always be planned. There are times when I'd rather cut off my right leg than drag it around with me for the day, though the patients I'm trying to treat, make better, improve seem to always be in a worse way than myself.
And there are times I want to snap instead of smile brightly at the 50th person I've seen at the hospital that mutters the words, "You''re still here?" "Is that safe" or "Why don't you go home and put your feet up?" and then in the same breath asks me for orders on 3 pateints at once that desperately need something NOW, or tell me someone is bleeding and needs an extra stitch, or that so and so's family needs a conversation on how we are going to save their leg, their brain, or their life.
And then I catch myself and know that all is okay. After all, it is a hospital. There is never ending need in the hospital, and until I remove myself from the situation, it will follow me. I am still healthy, baby is still well and growing, putting the finishing touches on his big brain, (yep, another big headed Fulton baby according to ultrasound...woopeee!!!), and if there was a medical need, I would have been done with work weeks ago. Afterall, my pain is because soon there will be another life on this planet, a healthy beautiful life, where most of my "work" doesn't have near the beautifiul outcome that I will  have in maybe a matter of days.
One of the floors of the hospital where I spend a lot of time rounding currently has 5 nurses pregnant, and myself. We are all about 6 weeks apart, so when we all happen to pass each other in the hall, and see the different sizes of bellys working away it is an amazing reminder of how awesome our bodies can be to grow these little beings and function well enough to work, care for others, and be active and  HAPPY with what we're doing while growing human beings!
Moms are quite amazing creatures, my own mom having THREE of us girls is quite an amazing woman, my grandmother having FIVE boys was especially amazing, and having another little one on Mother's day sounds like a grand plan for me.
(for multiple reasons....cankles included!)
So, I'll take it. Leave the flowers at home, I'll take the breakfast in bed later. Having a baby sounds much better :-)


Ashley said...

Good luck Katie!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too!

Sheelagh said...

Good luck with that tall order for your very special day! I do of course hope your wish comes true, but as a friend and supporter or you sanity and of your birth, I will gently remind you that it might be a few more days, or even weeks.

I think I sound like a horrible friend to say this, but will post it anyway so that then I can be wrong... Murphy's Law can bit me in the butt this time when you have your baby on Sunday. :-)

I hope he comes soon whenever he does. And I hope he is gentile in his birth and gentle in his effects on your sweet family. I wish you the best of the best....and will cheers my glass to all that you say here about us amazing mothers, but will especially give you big props for the work you do. Pregnant or not you have a big and life savor extraordinar!

I can not imagine having your job, let alone doing it while fully prego, let alone having people interject their opinion all the time! YOU ROCK!!!


Fultmeyer Clan said...

I agree Sheelagh, just with this whole VBAC attempt, I'm on a bit of a short leash with my OB/midwives, and thus a short timeline. I wish I had the normal more relaxed timeline of "the baby will come when he is ready", but I don't. So, this little boy either has to drop and I have to go into labor on my own fairly soon or it's a repeat C-section for me in about a week and a half.
But, that still gives me more time! I'm just trying to think positive thoughts, and RELAX, cause goodness knows that's really what this post was about. I'd actually really love a relaxing mother's day, and then maybe a baby soon after...:-)
And, no matter what, and no matter HOW it happens, again we're looking forward so much to this little boy joining our family.
Now to go dream about my little guy actually dropping...

Alison Willis said...

The juxtaposition between your job and your life is amazing right now- i remember working and thinking how can I bring a baby into this terrible world.

Though rather than suffering - your pain is all for a beautiful prize in the end!

Maybe you are a little nuts for working so hard but that is just your personally...Dedicated- and currently you are dedicated to your job but when baby boy 2 arrives you will shift your dedication to him....Lucky Boy!

Wishing you a safe and swift delivery!
happy mothers day.

Fultmeyer Clan said...

and thanks to all you mama friends out there who have helped me with this mom role! Happy Mother's day to all of you! Pretty sweet isn't it!

Sheelagh said...

In that case (given the new info and time line your Drs have put on you), I will up my prayers and hoped for baby boy coming SOOOONNNN!