Saturday, May 7, 2011

A baby "sprinkle"

a little gaming going on with wine as the prize!

 A week ago I was lucky enough to have a nice night out with friends for some delish teppanyaki and good baby vibes. My sister helped with the details, and the theme of the night was simple, HAVE FUN! No gifts, (though not all followed that rule!) and if you felt like sharing frozen meals and desserts we were happy to have the help stocking up our freezer, (mmm mmm, strawberry pie, frozen lasagna, frozen pizza's....:-)

Our cute little "sprinkle" favors filled with deluxe M&M's  and truffles :-)

 The night was filled with awesome food, good friends, and a great time. Megan and I finished the night off with a monster frozen yogurt, (actually was for the boys at home despite the look of the huge pregnant lady that is about to devour it....we split a smaller one, really, I swear ;-)
Thanks SO much Megan for all your help and thank you to everyone for helping to celebrate my little boy #2!

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Sheelagh said...

SO cute! Whoever came up with the term "Baby Sprinkle" instead of baby shower is a genius!!! LOVE IT! So glad you got a chance to celebrate the coming baby...and that you got freezer food!