Saturday, October 16, 2010

The reality of daycare... numerous colds, viral bugs, snotty noses, and coughing little mouths. No sooner did Forrest almost knock the most recent cold that he got 4 weeks ago, another viral menace grabbed him hard. We just visited the pediatrician yesterday for a WELL child visit....(WELL, HA!, as well as a toddler in daycare gets...) and Dr. Jeff cemented what I already knew. It is NORMAL for these little ones to get 6-8 colds a year...and ADD 50% if they are in daycare.
I remember learning this scary factoid in PA school. I remember thinking to myself, "no WAY...just an adults' two to three colds a year are miserable, imagine 6...8...12!!!"
But, here I am, and here Forrest is, a normal, healthy, fit, strong, vitale 19 month old to tell you that scary statistic is true.
From what I can remember, Forrest has had 11 colds in his lifetime...AND he did not get his first till he was 9 months old, (of course the same month he started daycare....the petry dish itself.)
So we are right on track with the text book.Hence, viruses will one day rule the thought for the day.
The hard part is, his mama seems to get the majority of his viral bugs as well.
So far so good on this last one, but we'll see as we're only 48 hours into it. But it is a doozey...the 102.9 temp, coughing so hard you throw up FIVE times on you mama's lap, never ending snotty nose, bleary eyed grouchy/delerious/giggly/smiley/but mainly unhappy child. Not all are like this, (in case any parents out there are ready to swear their kids away from daycare and school forever...) Most ARE merely a snotty nose and cough...gone in a week...
Day care is truly a mixed blessing. I LOVE it for the social interaction Forrest gets, for the smiles and yelps of delight he gives me when we pull up to the front door three mornings a week, and for the time it gives Alex and I to make a living and support our family.
BUT, the endless sick child syndrome is absolutely a major drawback. Of course sick kids can't go to daycare, thus leaving parents scrambling. I agree with this rule if everyone followed it, and obviously not everyone does or we wouldn't be sick so often....of course Forrest has gone plenty of times with just a runny nose as his symptom and NOTHING else. So therefore we are probably spreading the little buggers ourselves. And, yes, I also know if they don't go through this sick kid stuff now, it'll be in pre-school or Kindergarten when Petry dishes #2 and 3 start up.
Oh well...tis life. Lets just hope my little man gets some much needed rest tonight and feels better in the morning. Poor kiddo. He really is miserable....:-(


Ashley said...

Wow 11 sicknesses! Good luck with the latest. We have only had 2 sicknesses in our non day care lives. We are currently on week 2 of a cough/runny nose cold now!

Jonna said...

Poor little bug. B is sick right now too.....great timing, eh ;) Well, you know he'll be tough!

Sheelagh said...

I'm so sorry he is sick! Sounds horrible! I will agree though, that which ever way you slice their toddler-hood, kids will be introduced to sickness in pre-school, kindergarten and beyond. Although it may be true that parents are more desperate to drop their kids off at day care (given the work thing)even when they know they "shouldn't". Either way it is no fun and I hope Mr Forest gets better soon.

Alison Willis said...

And they say if your kids are in daycare that they have stronger immune systems. So that is an advantage...But it is rough to see your little one so sniffly and sick...
hope he is feeling better!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

thanks all for the well wishes...and yes I think this afternoon F-man turned the corner and is feeling better. I could tell by the speed at which he was running. Geeze I have an active kid!