Monday, January 26, 2009

Mind over Matter, LOTS of matter, (or just a lot of mass!)

Good friends Jess and Joe came to visit this last weekend so we took them to our famous ranch view spot, "The Bird Perch". And yes, "we" all made it up! Including my 8 month pregnant body and our little yet to be born boy, (and who am I kidding, like he had a choice in the matter!) And we made it up WITHOUT the use of pulleys, super duper anti-gravity machines, or a secret tram system we always think about installing.
It actually was very fun. No worse than backpacking with a 30+ pound pack on, (except you can't ever take it off...details...details...)
And the view to our little valley floor, (thus the distance we hiked up....)
Hence the name "The Bird Perch".
Adrenaline rush to say the least...not a place where you want to miss your step or you really would wish to everything that suddenly you had wings!

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