Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a normal January Sunday pruning fruit trees...

This afternoon we got the outdoor itch after a break in the rain and seeing beautiful skies outside our window.
So...the fruit trees got a haircut...and in some cases more like a mowhawk/buzzcut, (they're in pretty bad shape and Alex keeps telling me taking out more is better in cases like these. He compares it to a person having cancer, "You wouldn't leave big tumors in your patients would you...?" I'm still not convinced as some of the stuff we snip, saw, chain saw, is merely growing the wrong way...a little brutal?)
Anyways, I know this may be a little on the dull side, but it is a "Ranch" blog and these are the ranch happenings afterall.
During our tree buzzcut session, a beautiful huge bald eagle soared overhead, a red-tailed hawk made it self be known in the distance, and our barn animals enjoyed the outdoors, even our crazy, pea-brained chickens, (and let me tell you, the white hen with the perpetual bad hair day is a piece of work!)

We even had the pleasure of a beautiful rainbow at one point! (o.k., I cheated. This is actually a rainbow from two November's ago. But today's bow looked very similar, minus the autumn colors. I was just late on getting the camera...)
And, here is the photographer, and her precious cargo, who has been in his cozy, liquid home now for almost a complete 8 months! At 35 weeks he is about 5 pounds + some change and is showing his skills with plenty of powerful kicks and hiccups. March is coming soon!


Jonna said...

I love your ranch! And you look so cute all preggo! I imagine you weren't one of chainsaw wielding ranch hands, right?

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Nope, I stuck with the clippers and piling the carnage in a burn pile...that lasted a little over an hour and then my back started to talk to me. And, Alex kept promptly coming behind me and chainsawing the entire branch I was "clipping" trying to salvage. So I became the photo girl!