Friday, August 17, 2012

Fair Time!!!

Forrest and I had our very own fair day! My first time to the Humboldt Co. Fair, and Forrest's first time EVER to any such event. We had a blast, stayed for 5 hours, and took part in animal viewing, (dairy cows were showing and we saw Forrest's preschool pig which happened to take 3rd place out of 26!!! Wow!), rides, rides, and more awesome "flying" dog show, a cool train exhibit, yummy treats, (within reason...mmmm I'll take delish crepes over fried snickers bars anyday!), and the great horse races with lots of stuff in between. We only stayed for one horse race, just enough to get a feel for the action. It was already 430 and well past the usual toddie breakdown "no nap" hour. It looked really fun. I think Alex and I should make an adult afternoon next year!They had great beer and wine and I ended up seeing several friends just in the one short race I saw.
None the less I'd say it was a very successful day at the fair. I'm sure we'll be back every year with our little kiddies.
The Merry Go round was the favorite!
We went twice..."Just like Merry Poppins Mama!!!"

"High Fives on the Kiddie Ferris Wheel!"

Checking out the awards...his favorite, best original Lego sculpture :-)

Trying the airplanes...a bit too fast, lasted 15 seconds but had fun!

Cars were the same story...maybe 30 seconds worth and he was done. No tears, just "I want to get off NOW!"

The BIG Ferris Wheel, a bit scarier!

The BIG Ferris wheel with Mama! A bit scary but we toughed it out. I'm even a softy, made my stomach do flips too!

Walking through the mirror mazes, his other fav.
Showing off his new loot we won, TWO sharks! A happy camper this kid!


Sheelagh said...

That's awesome that you got a Forest day! Sounds like fun. We have yet to brave the fair with our kids, it sounds overwhelming, but I have only heard good things and by the looks of it here, you had a great time too!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Split them up Sheelagh. Two older girls one afternoon. And then maybe Jonah alone. I think it really helps to get the right ages together. David and Talin, (if we lived closer,) could "hang" together at home sucking on their toothbrushes, (T's favorite) and strawberries :-)