Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aunt Megan Visit #2!

Megan came to visit AGAIN last weekend! Surprise roadtrip! She drove almost 1000 miles round trip just to see us...(or really just to see this face....)

She came with her roommate Lauren, and they were so cute and awesome with Forrest. There visit was all too short, but we packed in the fun, with a hike to Split Rock, a very awesome landmark near by that isn't on any map...just a local secret.

Where's Megan....Find her! She's in red...

Saturday afternoon was BBQ time with our cousin Corey and a few of the HSU football team, (those boys can eat!) And some of our friends over as well. Sunday we had breakfast together...pesto eggplant omelets for mother's day, (don't ask me was in the fridge, needed to be used...and was actually VERY good), and a hike to our infamous bird perch.
Those girls are so awesome to take the time to visit. We loved it! Forrest misses them already...

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Sheelagh said...

I honestly can. not. wait. to. visit. What an awesome piece of heaven you have there! I'm looking forward to the day when we head out of town and find a farm to live on!
I love your garden and all your hiking locations. And I LOVE that first picture of your too cute son! Can't wait to meet him too. How nice it is that your sister has been up to visit twice already. She's an awesome auntie!!!