Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tough little 2 month old with a big noggin...

Forrest's 2 month check up was today...a little late as he turned 2 months old 6 days ago, but none the less all checked out fine.
His official stats: Weight - 10 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile)
Height - 22.9 inches (25th percentile)
Head Circum - 16inches (60th percentile)
At first I was somewhat worried...I don't know why. In my peds training in school I learned not to pay attention to percentiles, and it's more important that the baby is growing steadily. But the pediatrician quickly eased all worries and said that he's doing wonderful, and is very proportionate. And he's got a good big head on him! (bigger brain!) She actually was impressed that we were all doing so well with me being back to work so soon and him on a bottle parttime. She never once mentioned supplementing with formula, which was a relief as really don't want to go there. I was also worried about both of our gut flora due to the crazy antibiotics I've been on. Ive been eating yogurt like mad, and she did say that the probiotics are passed in breast milk. But, as Forrest has had some more frequent stools this week since I've been on the meds, she suggested we start actual probiotic powder, even giving him some on his tongue every day for the next month. I guess it tastes like dried milk, so babies usually have no problem with it. As I know our little guy needs all the good nutrients he can get, I'm happy to do this, and so glad to be done with antibiotics tomorrow, and hopefully for years to come, (so funny I haven't needed them in the last 5-6 years, and in the first two months I've been breastfeeding, I've needed them twice! Sheesh, so glad the offending tooth is now no longer an issue!)
All in all a good baby visit. His stats also coorespond well with both Alex and I as babies, neither of us were big bruisers!

Mom's Doc visit went well also. All healed up from the labor, and subsequent C-section. I had a good discussion with my midwife about why Forrest had the decellerations with my pushes and late contractions, and she said that they never found a cause. She had thought the cord was wrapped around his neck, but that ended up not being the, I suppose it will always be a the meantime, we have this to laugh at/with, and love to bits everyday...


Ashley said...

Cute mom and son pic! Glad all checked out!

Sheelagh said...

Happy to hear you are all happy and healthy. Our boys will be good friends, with nice big heads! Jonah can be the protector and Forest can be the soft spoken peace maker. :-)