Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awesome Friends

So imagine coming to your good friends house to visit, and thinking, ahhh, this will be relaxing. Sitting on the beach by a great river, drinking beer around a campfire, eating fresh strawberries, just great.
Our friends Jess and Joe did all of those things with us this weekend, but also, oh, dug a trench in our garden for our water system, planted our beans which require some pretty deep holes, picked a gangload of berries in 95 degree heat, and fertilized our potatoes and dumped more dirt on them...just to name a few things. This was all in about 24 hours.

I think they slept in there as well...and yes, we had great beer, a sit by the river, a hike, and great food.

They live in San Francisco, and I'm thinking our place here, where the outdoors grunt work is abundant, is a kind of oasis from the hustle bustle of city life and an indoor job.
I still do think they are a bit happy to escape back to their homes though.
And they thanked US when they left...are you kidding? Again, wow.
Forrest liked them too....

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