Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to work...Forrest and dad time

It was super hard leaving this morning, but all in all my two boys did wonderfully awesome....and I made it through the day as well. I do have to say I am so glad to only be working three days a week for awhile. And looking on the bright side this is probably awesome bonding time for Forrest and his dad ;-)
I feel so incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband and baby. I have a friend who is going through an unbelievably hard time right now and she has re-instilled in me to seize the day and appreciate all the big and little miracles that come with every minute on this crazy world...because all too soon they could be gone...

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Jonna said...

wow Katie! I glad it all went well. I'm super sympathetic. It must have been pretty hard to leave. AND I'm jealous! Wish my baby would take a bottle!