Friday, April 24, 2009

Aunt Nat

Forrest's visit with Aunt Nat was AWESOME! We had a few days of summer in spring here in Northern Cal, (I actually think the whole west coast had the same experience). We had lots of river time, and sweetened the deal with watermelon and beer, (More for Nat than myself...though the lightweight I am, half a beer goes a long way!)
It was a great deal for all involved, as I am going back to work next week, (yes, can you believe it, already?), and Nat lives in Massachusetts where it was hailing while we were sitting along the great Trinity River in 90+ degree weather.
Forrest was all eyes on his first extended trip down...and then his normal afternoon fussiness took over. But, all in all I'd rather have a fussy baby in paradise than just about anywhere else! Before we know it he'll be swinging off the trees...

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Sheelagh said...

paradise indeed! Your place looks amazing and you look like such a Cali family sitting by the river with your new born. Ahhhhh refreshing. Glad to hear you're having fun with your little man.

Oh and what a cutie he is!!!!!!!