Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brotherly Love...

Perhaps not always displayed in a "loving" way, nonetheless these two boys do love each other and seeing them interact, as crazy as it may be tops my recent parenting moments by far! Despite the absolutely crazy, hair graying, aging, ear screeching moments, there are so many of the sweet, kind, funny, amazing, and very loving moments as well that I need to try and document a bit better...
Forrest here is so proud he "taught Talin how to climb in the crib all by himself!" He then had T demonstrate it about 20 times ....;-)

"hiding from the monsters"

Popsicle love...Forrest demonstrating to his brother the perfect way to consume his special treat down!

art, together, for a grand total of 3 minutes...:-)
They already have a great bond, even with Talin not yet 2 years old. They are a bit of ying and yang, though both very adventurous, both loving the outdoors, and both our perfect boys in their own way.

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Sheelagh said...

What a great post. it can be really hard to capture these moments in pictures and in words. So often mine are squealing or hitting or gaining my attention in a negative way that I sometimes miss the wonderful moments, but they are there. I love hearing about them and seeing them from this side too. Thanks for sharing.
My favorite is the "hiding from monsters" pic, though the crib picture is a classic too.