Monday, October 19, 2009


This is Forrest Fulton, one of your littlest fans. He may be little, but he is a fan none the less. He loves your shirt so much he can't stop looking at it and has even been known to slobber on it at times.

He, (and his mama,) would so love for your team to kick the Phillies butts to make it in the world series this year. You're down two games to one, and if this is just a stunt to make it all the more exciting to kick Philadelphia in the rear then IT IS NOT WORKING. Loosing 8-0 last night is also taking it a little too far.

We're keeping the faith, and your littlest fan is rooting for you tonight. Please pull it out for us.
Forrest and his mama


Ashley said...

Haha Riley was fascinated with looking at her orange pj's the other night! So cute!

Sheelagh said...

I do not promote your choice in baseball teams, but I sill think this is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!