Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Would you like some bait....errr....caviar with your wine ma'am?"

A day in the life.
Floating down a beautiful river.
Running white water thanks to the handsome and talented guide, (otherwise known as "hubby")

Landing steelehead from the first pool on, (ok, maybe just at the first pool, but who's really counting?)

Sipping wine.
Eating fancy cheese and raspberry mustard on fancy crackers, (we left the bait for the salmon...and that cracker for the matter).

Taking in sites of bald eagles, 4 bears, (yes, FOUR!)
and spawning salmon and steelehead.
Enjoying the sites of little hobbit houses and buried treasures, (perhaps?)

And, to top it all off, having an 8 month old in the boat for his first REAL run down the river,
(the others had been just trial, mini, runs).

So, maybe it wasn't as serene as it could have been.

But FUN.