Monday, June 4, 2012

Brotherly Love....


....really, seriously...LOVE. Or at least moments of love, because having a one and three year old in the house, plus or minus my eldest boys unique temperament, makes you thoroughly enjoy these moments of love.
And what does love mean, actually.....???????
It means..... (from a Mama's the glass is half full perspective....)
***They really can't wait to see each other, if they have been separated. It is SO cute to see Talin....or Forrest....when I pick up the other from daycare. They wave to each other, (yep, even Talin!) and give the hugest smiles.....the BEST!!!
***Games...yes games...!!! In the pool they were playing the most thrilling game of throw the cup. Before you stop reading due to boredom, please keep reading out of cuteness! One would yell in the cup in the kiddie pool and then throw it to the other to do the same. Talin was all about it. Forrest would even be kind enough to empty the water out of the cup to avoid a sputtering 1 year old on the T side of things...what a good big brother F can be!!!
***Sharing...yes, it can happen at this age! Especially when you have a super duper amazing pirate chart on your side!!!(See previous post :-)
But really now....even without the beloved pirate chart, both my little boys were swapping back and forth cell phones just 2 hours ago. Yes, cell phones, techy guys they are, on this backwoods Ranch they live on. Talin, (and F for the matter,) is obsessed with my iphone. We dug up my old blackberry flip phone as a second and between the two they are happy campers :-)
***Their pact to break up each others naps...especially if Forrest is napping and Talin is awake. He, rather firmly and stubbornly marches himself over to Forrest's door, (okay, crawls himself over.....;-) and insists he wake up....insert bang bang bang, "laaaaa....waaaaa....shreeeeechhhhhh.....bababababababababababaaaaaaaaaaaa"
***And my favorite....our walks. With Talin on my back, and Forrest in the BOB stroller, both of them hoot, (literally, owl's hoots...if we're lucky one calls back!!!) and holler, with the other echoing. It is SO cool. Mainly to hear little T baby respond to his big brothers verbal cues. 

I never had a brother. So to see these two connect and really enjoy each other is a joy. And also promise of good times to come :-)

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Sheelagh said...

SOOO Cute! We have a lot of that going on over here too and I LOVE it. The waving and verbal cues to each other are the best! So fun. Thanx for sharing!!