Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Jumpin' Janurary for Forrest and the whole family....

Quite a busy month this last one no particular order it brought...

 Swimming Lessons For Forrest!

Putting his ears underwater was a big fear, as you see in this picture, that he conquered by the end of the month. Go Forrest!

Forrest and his 3 Tiny Swimmers pals, practicing their moves out of the water

Burnt Ranch Preschool for BOTH boys!!!

Not the greatest picture, but Forrest is trying the trike out in the red helmet. Burnt Ranch Preschool is a morning, parent involved school three days a week. We are going Monday mornings. All kids 1-5 are invited so little brother Talin has joined us as well. Being a kindergarten readiness based program it is helping Forrest, along with his other preschool, get prepared for the big start of K this fall! So far we love it. I have most Mondays off, so we are able to go to "school in the canyon" as Forrest says, just 15 minutes away from our home. ANNNDDD meet other parents and kids who will eventually be in K next year :-)    


Finding ways to fill the LONG WINTER NIGHTS.....(besides beer for the parents ;-) and goodness those nights sometimes can be LOOONG!

like drumming on the kitchen floor to Rusted Root and Dave Matthews Band, of course :-)

Forrest gets a real haircut!!!

Handsome Boy!

 Dad has a mishap with a box cutter and Forrest learns about stitches...

yea, I know, a scary picture. Forrest was very enthralled in how the whole "stitches" deal worked though. His Dad, lets say, is not the biggest brave guy when it comes to blood, stitches, you get the picture. Forrest's job  was supposed to be to rub his head while I did the deed, but he was too curious about how I was going to get his hand back together so he wasn't much help. "Wow Mom why are you putting that needle RIGHT in Dad's bloody oweee?" Yea, I probably wouldn't have liked that much either. Hence the shot. All healed up now though....

Cold weather means a LOT of wood cutting going on...

Quite clear Forrest loves doing a job, especially with big equipment. Here he is splitting wood with Dad, working the handle for the splitter that controls the machine. He did a great job. A brave Dad took the chance :-)  

 Watering our neighbors cute greenhouse plants and enjoying their great view...

a great day to break up our weekends for the next month

And Mom just may have added a glass of wine to this picture :-)

And....We have eggs! 8-10 a day!!! You say, okay, that's great, I guess. But we LOVE eggs, and we LOVE LOVE the days getting longer which is why the chickens are laying again. Whipeeee :-)!!!!!

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