Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Big Milestones...

This boy got a haircut!

 Yes, I know, it was sorely needed. But also oh so cute in my world. 3 + years without an official haircut is a long time for this baby, errr, BIG BOY to keep his cute infant locks! One of his last baby milestones to cross, I do believe.
 But we were both ready for this day to come. The sylist was great with him, and Talin sat still and endured the ordeal quite well. It took about 25 minutes to get all that hair trimmed nice and short. An official big boy cut!
 Every morning had been quite the struggle combing and brushing. And that is if we bothered with it. Most mornings, honestly we didn't. Short hair is just so much easier. And he looks so different! His facial features are so much more apparent, he looks so much more grown up, but also younger as well.

We're quite happy with the whole shebang!

And Milestone #2-Forrest is nearing in on his first month of Kindergarten! For the most part this has been a smooth transition, with the class itself. We are still working out the kinks with the schedule. Last week was his first full 5 day week, and yes, I'd say he was a bit exhausted at the end. We have also tried, and quit, the afterschool program. It just was kind of awful, disorganized, and Forrest just wasn't getting anything good out of it. So we offically quit that last week, making our schedule change again. I'd honestly rather have him in my office for part of the day then go through the anxiety of wondering what he was doing, how he was doing, etc.
His favorites I believe are still riding the school bus, which is does do 4 days a week, after school, and all things building and mechanical. He talks about his teacher in a positive light and so far we are very happy with her. Here is a picture she sent me of Forrest and his girl posse building a castle...
I'm lucky enough to be able to do the drop off and pick up 3 days a week, and it's so awesome to be able to feel at ease in the classroom, talk with his teacher, and check his pad out for a bit. Last week we celebrated a random Tuesday that was more challenging than most for myself with a special ice cream, (beer for me!) date at our local restaurant in Willow Creek after school and work! 

I can't tell you how amazing it is to be 15 minutes from home and to enjoy more quality time with my boys. Very very special indeed.
And, on three other days so far in the past two weeks Forrest and I sneak out before Dad and Talin get home for a quickie bike ride. I really love these days....Special special times.
My boys are growing up my leaps and bounds. HUGE leaps and bounds, seemingly!

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