Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween is a comin'!!!

 The boys were excited for Halloween early this year! October 12th, due to supremely good weather, was out first Pumpkin patch extravaganza. Forrest was dead set on carving THAT NIGHT!
So, we carved up our first two pumpkins that evening.
And yes, 5 days later we had a moldy mess on our hands!
Ahhh, well, I'd rather sacrifice a few pumpkins pre-Halloween than just about anything else!
The pumpkin master at work, expect some great pumpkin works of art in this kids future!

The pumpkin connoisseurs at work

Last weekend Forrest and I took a trip to the Halloween store. It was quite a scary, but funny experience! Our local Halloween store, is quite spooky, actually. There are a ton of the foot operated super scary ghosts, whitches, goblins, Chucky like babies, ghouls, headless get the drift! I was even a bit wigged out in the store.
Needless to say, our fiesty Forrest wanted to get the heck OUT of that Halloween store...
As soon as he had picked out his costume of course!
Upon laying eyes on the Ninja brother costumes, he had decided, THAT is what he and Talin were to be. Ninja brothers.
(We'll see if Talin goes along with it, he's dead set on being Batman....!)

 Last year these brothers were SO cute in their super hero costumes. They played so nicely in them, out fighting bad guys and such.
This year, well, there's more of an uphill battle, I do believe. Being 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 vs. 2 and 4....well, a bit more sibling fighting going on.
Heck, a TON more sibling fightning going on.
It's pretty awful, really!
But, truth be told, the costume tradition held up, and these brothers acted like true Ninja brothers should and even helped each other into their costumes, and went off to fight the bad guys, (Turkeys in our garden on this particular afternoon,) in wonderful fashion.
For about 18 1/2 minutes.
Ahhh, well, at this stage you take what you can get!

Looking forward to some fun spooky times come Halloween!!!

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Sheelagh said...

I LOVE them!!! I am sure they have their tough brother moments, but look at these pictures!!! What fun it will be to look back on it all. :)