Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aunt Meg Strikes Again, Part Deux

So...Day II with the lovely Megan equaled WINE TASTING! Yes, we have several wineries here in our neck of the sticks. Not the kind of hoity toighty wineries that you can just drop into and expect to recieve a tasting, but you wouldn't have known the difference after our little wine tasting event!
The Taste of Willow Creek is an annual shindig where local wineries and farms come together to spread the love, wine, and local grub. This is the first year we have gotten to go, (as last year we were just a teensy bit busy, oh, planning a wedding :-) and it was fabulous.

We started off at Winnett Vineyard and were served a wonderful spread including fire roasted pizza, local olive oil with bread, and other totally yummy snacks. A highlight was a Smokey Rose which was made of grapes affected by the massive fires last summer. I guess wine experts have said that that particular crop was a disaster and a big loss, but locals around here love it as we all experienced the fire and love that the wine has a story....and it does taste smokey!

Megan even found her own Merlot at Winnett Vineyards!
From there we traversed the valley, chit chatted, and visited several other farms with local wines. All had plenty to drink and eat. Another favorite was a swirl of delish pumpkin mousse served on an organic ginger snap, home made of course! This coupled with the merlot from Dogwood Estates Vineyard was just a little sneak peak into this fun day.
We were transported from winery, to farm, to farm, to winery in vans, and, our favorite, a jeep!
By the end we were tired from the 95 degree heat and vino. Though it was so awesome to have this great event so close to home.
Forrest even got to practice his wine "sniffing" skills....no tasting yet...don't worry all moms and grandma's out there! And his verdict? "It just ain't milk mama!"

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Sheelagh said...

What fun! I want to come down for that next year!!! That's awesome! The food sounds as good, if not better, than the wine itself. What a wonderful place to live!