Monday, September 28, 2009

Aunt Meg strikes again

This time she even brought Trader Joe's goodies! (you know you're my favorite youngest sister, don't you Meg!?)
We hiked in the redwoods...

And Forrest had fun measuring up to Humongo Redwoods, (take a look at this month's National Geographic if you need some more of these beauties to look at!)

"One day mama, I'm gonna climb these! For now I'll stick with eating dirt though..."
(which he promptly did :-)

And then tuckered himself out at the North Country Fair in Arcata. No pictures of this fun hippie fair, but good times were had shopping for tie dye, watching the samba parade, (did you know one even existed?) and loving the sun...
Stay tuned for Aunt Meg Strikes Again Part II...

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