Tuesday, July 27, 2010

16 month old Forrest

All I have to say is....WOW. What changes this little boy has been making in the past month. His well child exam was just 2 days ago and he is tipping the scales at 24 lbs and 32 inches tall, all in the 50th-60th percentile, but his whopping head is still measuring in the 95th percentile...what a noggin he has! He is healthy as can be. I held off on vaccinations this time as he's fighting a cold, but he'll get them sometime soon.
Mr. Forrest is a very mechanical kiddo. He LOVES fiddling with things, figuring out how they work. His favorite toy is a gig wooden board with nine different locks, latchets, and chains on it. It saved us on the plane for at least 30 minutes which is a long time in baby land. He is also extremely mobile and is running and climbing like a champ, making his parents very worries a lot of the time.

He is a great eater, and LOVES berries of all kind. He had a blast eating a ton of east coast blueberries and black berries. Makes for some interesting poop, but there are worse things. He is also an egg lover and a veggie lover. He likes summer squash grilled in olive oil. All of these likes though do take a back seat to his little boy/big baby attitude and pickiness at times. He can be a bit of a crabby baby, and we are still working on his hitting. He can be "gentle" when he wants to and will stroke your head very softly when asked. But for the most part the hitting has not improved.
He also has a bunch of words now. He started saying please and thankyou, as well as hot and blankie. Very very cute. And let's not forget, "Hi." "Hi?" Hiyeeeeeeee, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!" over, and over, and over again. If he meets you, you can be guaranteed you well get told Hi by a very cute baby at LEAST 5 times. Most likely more like 10 or 15, no Joke. It's kind of like a grump meter. In places like LAX, or Costco, if a stranger doesn't say "hi" back to a cute baby, you know they either can't hear, or are a major grump. I feel good though about spreading cheer to much of humanity as there is nothing like an adorable toddler saying HI to make a person smile, not matter HOW bad your day is!
He is just as adorable as ever and I'm enjoying him so so much. My week with him was wonderful. I got to reconnect and rebond after my endless work stretch....
And here's to more fun times like this one...

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Sheelagh said...

Oh my goodness! He is sooooo cute! What fun you guys have at your river. OHHHH! Your summer looks wonderful.