Sunday, July 25, 2010

Massachusettes waterfalls, great beer, and a very cute, (but sick,) baby.....

Our glorious trip ended with an awesome hike to a beautiful waterfall which we all enjoyed.

We then blessed a great brewery with our presence and found that Forrest loves being the life of the party.

After some great food and beer and chasing a blanket clad baby who was running around making conversation with everyone within shouting distance, home we went where eventually we found our beds, (eventually, but that's another story...)

Our last day, before our flight to LA, we walked around Harvard square, and along the Charles River. Brought back a lot of memories of my rowing racing days. Fun fun times....

Our plane rides were tough. Taking a 16 month old on a 6 hour flight across the county is no joke. Forrest for the most part did well, but, well, having a wiggly nearly 25 pound over tired worm on your lab just isn't much fun. And add a good cold we all had at that point, let's just say it wasn't the highlight of the trip. But, thanks to Jetblue and their personal TV's, I caught up on the Tour de France while Forrest slept and tried to forget my sorethroat with some wine, (healthy I know.) After an overnight stay in LA at a nearby hotel and minimal sleep, we all made it safetly home the next day and were VERY glad for our own beds. Forrest's happy smile when he saw his dad was very sweet!
So, an amazing trip it was, but I do have to say I probably won't be flying with my special little Forrest anytime soon. I think we'll stay a bit closer to home for awhile and wait till he's a little older....or till I feel a bit crazier!

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