Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the salmon do the grandparents!

We're having a blast here, hanging with not just my dad, Forrest's and Talin's grandpa but also my Grandpa and Grandma, making that our kids GREAT grandparents, all under one roof! My hubby took the afternoon to fish and look what he got! Two giant salmon! Forrest and his great grandpa were all about the fish as witnessed by the photos.
And this was Talin's first look at the great salmon we are so familiar with.
This was Alex's first fish since having Talin, and first salmon of the year. We're a happy family here in the woods!
 And, of course, not to leave out Great Grandma and Talin, cozying up in our beautiful weather here today....


Jonna said...

Oh! I love that last pic of Talin. He looks so sweet and peacful!

Sheelagh said...

I love all these pictures! How wonderful that your dad and grandparents can come visit. It is awesome for our kids to have great grandparents. Your grandma is a beauty!
I am so happy that you are still enjoying your time with your family and especially soaking up Talin and maybe some son too?!?! I hope you get some more relaxing time and that having your family around allows you some time to rest.