Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Months Old!!!

Already, our little Talin is 3 months old. Out of his "4th trimester" as some say, though with this cute, lovable, cuddly, and YES still unbelievably mellow baby it has been nothing but fun!
He is really turning into the smiley baby, and loves to look at faces, coo, and even giggle and laugh. He likes his swing well enough, but also likes his baby chair, his baby ergo, baby bjorn, and the sling. He loves his baths which is the secret weapon so to speak when the evening fussies hit.  Overall there are few places Talin is NOT happy.
He does very much dislike his older brother's screeches and loud antics and lets us all know right away with a good cry which just adds to the commotion Forrest is creating. He is still a champion breastfeeder, but handles bottles well enough despite being a bit slow and getting them down. He is still waking up during the night to eat every 4-5 hours, but has taken a 6 hour stretch without milk recently, (now we just need to get that during the evening hours and I'll be a real happy mama!)
He had his first ride in our BOB stroller earlier this week and seemed to enjoy the bumps and scenery. However, Forrest was quick to let us know he wanted his baby brother out of HIS stroller...;-) So the sharing begins!!!
We are so in love and happy with our little boy Talin. He handles our busy life like the little champ he is and I tell you there is absolutely nothing better than coming home from a day at work to the cooing, smiling, and cute baby blue eyes that he can give....


Sheelagh said...

Man! He and David sound so much alike too! Our boys are destine to be friends. Now we just need to introduce them! hahaha
Seriously, I am glad things are going well. Talin sounds like a dream and life with 2 in your house sounds great! You are quite amazing!

Alison Willis said...

the pic in the bumbo is a mini katie... so sweet!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

aww thanks Alison! I only see Alex in my boys, so it's nice when someone notices some of me in them...:-)