Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First, (Of many...) Camping trips with the two kiddies....and the help of amazing grandparents!

Dad with his two lake boys!

Forrest, Dad, and Grandpa on an early morning fishing trip

I *think* he's having fun!!!

A beautiful baby Talin, the best camping baby around!

MMMMMM, BBQ salmon!

The wonderful ocean going/river boat turned lake/water ski boat for a day!

sunset cruise with the hubby!!!

Water fights with Granny are the best!

Perfectly happy beach baby enjoying the scenery....     

And, the take home was VERY nice having my parents to camp with on our inagural outing with two kids....and when you get down to it the ONE two year old was enough work for everyone to handle! And, we learned baby Talin continues to just be the happy smiley baby of the family. We had a great time at Trinity Lake, which included my first water ski ride in over two years behind the great jetboat! Muscles I had forgot had existed hurt, but it is an acheivement to say that both my dad and I suceeded in the waterski adventure....
Here's to more adventures camping with our newly expanded family!


Sheelagh said...

Oh my goodness! That is brave and looks like soooo much fun!!!! So glad baby Talin is easy going, as I know a 2 year old is hard enough in most situations (not only camping!).

Roundy Clan said...

I love all of the naked baby pictures you got going on your blog right now! haha So cute katie