Monday, September 26, 2011

Wanna-be 'Susie Home-Maker...'

So, I've been called a little susie home-maker in recent weeks due to my activities of food preservation .... juicing, freezing, and now canning!
Truth be told, I am a big wanna be. With our large garden I should be all up and up on this food preservation stuff. But, most of the time I'm happy to get out the door with shoes on my kids much less trying to safetly harvest and put up dozens of pounds of garden delights...
Alas, year by year, I am getting better at it! And just today I had a virgin canning experience with my neighbors, who were also newbies as well. We stuck with tomatoes, which are fairly easy to can in a hot water bath if you add a bit of lemon and lime juice, and made plain peeled tomato halves as well as a great stewed tomato recipe that took bell pepper, onion, and great spices.
It did not produce a ton of jars, though it was extroardinary sucessful in our eyes as I KNOW it is the first of many totally cool canning experiences....
And come mid winter, those juicy heirloom tomatoes will taste SO good!!!!

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Sheelagh said...

You are amazing to me! I have not canned much and am reluctant to try it in my too small kitchen. One day when the kids are older I will get right on that! haha
maybe we can can together sometime. Again, here is another moment in which I wish to be your neighbor. Oh the things we could/would do. :-P
Those beautiful red jars look TASTY!!!