Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 1/2 Years and 4 Months...time keeps marching along.

It seems time is flying by these days. Summer seemed to be gone in a snap, and suddenly Forrest is on the downhill side of his big 3rd year of life, and Talin is no longer a wee one anymore!
Talin is still a joy in every sense of the word. I love this little guy so much!

In the past two weeks his alertness has definitely increased and he now has some trouble napping during the daytime, I think just because he wants to be up, and a part of everything. He still requires a lot of sleep, and then becomes overtired and we are left with a fussy baby until he eventually conks out. But "fussy Baby" Talin style is still not anywhere near the fussiness that CAN happen with other kiddos, and over all we feel so lucky and blessed with our little T. He is still breastfeeding exclusively. Still not sleeping much more than 3-5 hours during the night. And still loves his baths, his swing, his baby bouncer, and his carpet...though nothing for too long of a period of time. If you keep him busy, he is a happy camper. He LOVES his older brother and smiles and coos like no other when Forrest gives him attention. Though if the attention turns at all loud, or rough, Talin is quick to protest and despite all the noise in this house seems to like the peace and quiet a bit.
I don't know his weight, but I do know he is outpacing Forrest. He is already outgrowing his 6 month clothes and is quite the chubby happy baby!

Mr. Forrest is joyous, crazy, talkative, (most not quite understandable yet, though chatter on he does!) 2 1/2 year old.

He is a HUGE fan of his fishing rod, and is obsessed with catching a "big steelhead on the river". His favs also include his trains, boats, and books and more books.
He's got a great little personality and when he gets excited about something it is very fun to watch. He can crack you up one moment with his crazy ways, make you smile with his "tank you's", and then make you red in the face with his screaming and hitting....tis the ways of a 2 year old!  He seems to be making big improvements, (some days...;-) on the hitting front, as his daycare teachers have told us he now has buddies and is playing much better.

 He can still be quite destructive at times and we are trying to remind him of he strength and channel it to productive things. If there is a job to do and he is at all interested, he is your man. Potty training has stalled out and we are back to diapers full time for the moment. He, for the most part, is very good and gently with his baby brother. He wants to help him, cuddle with him, and tries to calm him when he is crying. It is very cute and awesome to watch.He's a great eater as well, chowing down on most of our garden treats. I am hopeful that this next 6 months will  be full of adventure, (duh...:-), progress in language and potty training, and fun times for our big Forrest guy.

Life with 2 kids is tough, no doubt.
Most days and weeks I feel like this!
smiling but crazy, including the hair...kind of sums up my life!

But the two boys fit with our lifestyle well and we are one happy family here in the woods....sometimes happy simply just to get to bed! But happy none the less :-)


Ashley said...

Oh Katie, I'm both excited and scared of what similarities are in my near future!!

Sheelagh said...

you are one awesome mama! I love hearing about your boys. :-)

Alison Willis said...

Love the updates. What darling boys you have!!!