Friday, November 4, 2011

A 4th little foodie is now in our house!!!

MMMMMM, avocado with Grandpa.....

As of yesterday, officially 1 week before my baby boy's 6 month milestone, we have let him try his first delectable bites of food! He had his well child exam on Monday and we got the go ahead to do it....his official stats you ask? Well, at nearly 6 months little Talin baby is just shy of 16 lbs, (25 percentile), and is in the 45 percentile for height, though the actual measurement has left me at the moment. His head however remains huge at the 99th percentile....that's my kid! Matching Forrest pretty well when he was this age.
None the less, we got the go ahead to start solids. Talin has had nothing but good ol' mama milk up until yesterday. I'm very proud of this fact, but it is getting very tough to keep up with my growing boy's appetite. I therefore am more than happy to start feeding him some yummy delectables from our garden and perhaps...just perhaps...get some more shut-eye at night and calm the voracious appetitie my little boy has?????
One would hope...;-)
But, for him, a whole new world of flavors has opened up....
And he is more than ready for it, at times lunging at the food, and trying to grab at the spoon. Pretty funny to watch!
"Wow Mom, these carrots are so good, I'm gonna leave some on my nose for a snack for later!"

We love our little foodie and even though he'll be mostly on breast milk, (I hope!) for awhile longer, this food stuff is pretty fun...:-)


Sheelagh said...

oh boy! His buddy David is right there with him! He loves food, and especially wants to feed himself these days, which makes it all the harder and all the messier! I am already starting to think of some tiny finger foods that he can try. And he's only been eating for about 2 weeks! He's ready for it though...with 3.5 teeth!!! Does baby T have any teeth?

Fultmeyer Clan said...

nope, no teeth yet. F. didn't get his first till almost 9 months, so I'm not really expecting it soon. You guys held off for awhile! All the simpler when they are still bfeeding isn't it. I would have loved to...just feeling stressed about not quite having enough milk for him. As it stands even with the added food, looks like I'm going to have to buy my first can of formula for him...boooooo. :-(

Ashley said...

You can always try fenugreek, mothers tea, and eating oatmeal to give your milk supply a boost! If it's not already to late?