Saturday, November 19, 2011

weddings and babies!!!!!!

I've got a lot to catch up on here in the Fulton Clan, but figured I would try to stay current in at least ONE event this year and post about cousin Kyle's wedding and cousin Amy's baby shower that Talin and I had the pleasure of attending this weekend.
That's right....just Talin and me, solo mama and solo baby. I'm loving it, getting one on one time with my little happy charming Talin. He was a champ on the plane and other than some car sickness issues, (my poor little guy has my soft stomach....) he's been a happy little guy.
Of couse we started with Talin getting all gussied up for the occasion....

Jen and Kyle, the lovebirds!

Best cousin friend Sara!

smooches abound.....:-)

The sisters, back together again :-)

tearing it up on the dance floor with Uncle Jesse!

Baby Talin was the fav dance partner!

The best date ever....(besides my #1 Alex of course...miss ya hubby!)

The parentals, tearing it up

And this picture, well.....the party was just getting started with cousin Ryan!
And next post....Amy's baby shower! Stay tuned :-)

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