Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm one lucky wife and mama....

We are on our way to our wonderful neighbors house for Christmas dinner, but I have a spare moment to relay just HOW special and wonderful today has been. I, currently, am the proud and lucky girl to own a dishwasher!

Those that know us also know that our house has not had a dishwasher. And I have wanted one for quite some time. Well today my mother in law bestowed one upon this crazy household for Christmas! I was not expecting it, but it is wonderful as it gives us more time to be together as a family in my mind, and less time for myself and my hubby to scrub dirty dishes, bottles, sippy cups, etc. Time is really truly the most valuable thing in the world right now, time spent RESTING, spending time with your loved ones, and yes, working at times.

Additionally, my hubby gave me....drum roll please....

Laundry baskets!!!! 5 of them!!!

And before you can roll your eyes and say "Aleeeeexxxx"....STOP...because, the entire gift was the fact that he is going to take over the kids and my laundry detail. heard right! Or at least I think I heard right....;-)   (right honey?)
And the 5 laundry baskets was his idea of "organizing" the situation.
Wow, I am one lucky girl I tell you.
 Truly the best two gifts I could have asked for.

PS Alex and the kiddos had a wonderful day as well, which will be shared later :-)

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Ashley said...

Sounds like yo made out!!