Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas x 2!!!

Santa came!!!A train table for Forrest amongst other loot :-)
 This year our Christmas was broken into two, the first being on Christmas day with just our little family and Alex's mom, and #2 being on the 28th with my parents. I didn't have much time off for the holiday this year, but managed to sneak in the morning of the 28th off to be with my parents and family. It was a great time for all of us and our little kiddies made the day with their smiles and cuteness.
Talin baby has smiles for everyone
New waders for my hubby....

A new mountain trike for Forrest!
A new bath tub and sink fishing pole from Dad

What could it be???

....a Radio Flyer wagon!!! For the whole family :-) (great garden veggie loading wagon ;-)

Granny loving her little Talin

Talin with his loot

T baby's first Christmas in his mama's favorite hat
ring toss with Granny!

It was a fabulous week and we feel very grateful to have wonderful family and friends to celebrate the holiday with.

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