Monday, January 9, 2012

Talin baby, knocking on the door of 8 months old....

I really truly can't believe little Talin is already 8 months old! Forrest at this age was already practically walking....that fact stuns me and scares the willies out of me as the thought of two mobile boys is a bit hard to fathom!
Little Mr. T is still doing so well though. He, I am quite sure, will not be a 9 month walker as his brother was. He is trying to get more mobile, can pivot pretty well and rolls pretty well too. Still no actual crawling, and he does love to stand. We try to put him on his belly as much as possible though, as...again...the thought of two walkers is a bit scarey!
Talin has officially started daycare. 4 days a week he is now in another home, and lucky for me, a lady that lives just 1 block from the hospital I work at AND has extended hours when I need them. I often work very late Wednesday nights and she can watch him until 11pm if need be. An operating room nurse has her son there until this time, so that is always nice to have a comrad to do the late pick up with if need be. I absolutely hate leaving him there that late, but he is often asleep after 730 pm anyways and, I know he is in a safe spot, being well taken care of. I can also give my one late night a week and feel like I am contributing to my job as I should be. Still, it is not ideal in my mind, but it is working and on this late night Talin baby and I spend the night at my mother in law's house just a few short minutes from the, no late long drive and a much better more relaxed morning as well for Thursday.
Talin  has definitely found his appetite. Although we are still breastfeeding, he seems to love food more than anything at this point. I'm doing my best to make our own babyfood as much as possible. We still have carrots, winter squash, and potatoes from our garden and some of his fav combos include all of the fore mentioned veggies with maybe a cooked apple, an avocado, or just a bit of olive oil, and all puree'd up to his liking of course. He is a big fan of the fruit and cereal as well, lapping the sweet stuff up with the best of them. And....yesterday was his first salmon dinner! I made a pureed salmon, avocado, and carrot batch that he loved....can't say this baby isn't getting his omega 3's! We do use a bit of jared food for daycare, simply because of the ease of it.
Talin does now have 2 teeth, popping his 2nd one out somewhere in between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. #3,4,5 and who knows how many are close behind though as he is a teething monster and we are keeping the chew toys, Motrin, and carrots close by.
Not sure of his weight, though he is comfortably in 9 month clothes and still has his beautiful blue eyes and big wonderful noggin.
Sleep and Talin are hit and miss. 2 nights ago he slept the entire night, 11 hours. It was....AMAZING. Every other night though, including last night, have been up and down....with us having to get up and soothe him several times, (thanks Honey for taking much of these little wakings,) and with me feeding him at 2 or 3 am. This age is hard, as I know he's teething like a little banchee, and I just can't let him cry and be in pain, much less wake up Forrest, so we are giving in, trying to soothe him, and hoping that we maybe get a few more of the entire nights full of sleep in the next...ehhh....year???;-)
We love our Mr. Talin's to the last 1/3 of your first year of life!!!

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Jonna said...

Such a sweet boy! You're a busy momma. Well done!