Monday, February 13, 2012

Just shy of the big THREE and 3/4 of the big ONE year old....these are busy boys!

 Look at these two Fulton boys...enjoying our mellow winter puddles, enjoying each other, turning their trusty Radio Flyer wagon into the Ranch Puddle boat, and growing up before our very eyes! As I write this, Forrest is just one short month away from the big THREE! We are very excited for this number, as moving away from our stereotypical Terrible Two's has been a vision of ours for a bit of time here as we travel through the trials and tribulations of Forrest. But in all reality, more people than not remind me the three can really be the Tortuous Threes....or, rather, the TERRIFIC Threes as I would like to think of them. Regardless, Forrest is a spirit to be reckoned with to say the least. I am writing this on a particularly challenging day with where you would rather send him to live with the wolves, or to play on the freeway, or to hang by the ceiling fan by his toenails, (all memorable little tidbits from my own childhood!)
 At just shy of three, he LOVES to be outdoors, though doesn't necessarily remember that in the morning as he protests loudly to our efforts at getting him to his beloved outside place. Once there, though, he is usually a happy camper. We had a great walk today as he tromped in puddles, enjoyed playing with his boat, and tested out his new Bogs which we had splurged on, (much easier to splurge when you know two little boys will be using them eventually!) He is a overall good eater still, and porks down on steelhead, broccoli, cauliflower, any berry, apples, string cheese, yogurt, milk, and of course the beloved juice. Night time has been a struggle for the last several weeks as Forrest has been climbing out of his crib, (yes, he is still in it!) and we have met that challenge with some firm discipline that seems to be working. His new night schedule is to bed at 9, awake by 630-7, with a good 2 hour nap, sometimes 3. He really still needs his nap, or this kiddo is hard to deal with. So we try to make it happen. Still no serious potty training yet, though several peeing incidents in the potty make me hopeful! Looking forward to summer or at least warmer weather for that goal.
 Forrest overall is a happy, super cute, energentic kid who just wants to have attention and be played with. We've had some great days with him recently that make us see the light at the end of the's looking forward to the big THREE for him!

And Talin at 9 months! Wow has time been flying for this one. He is a mover all the sudden, scooting, starting to crawl, and finding his baby voice more so now than ever. He's a good eater, feasting on everything from steelhead/carrot/avocado to egg yolk/sweet peas/avocado/corn mixes mom makes as well as the jarred stuff. He is on a bit of a breast feeding strike currently, but still loves the pumped stuff and formula just fine.  Sleeping has been a bit of a struggle for little T man, as he seems to like to wake up at the 530 hour, no matter what day it is. Yesterday was 5 a.m. with no chance of renegotiation. This makes for parents who feel they have a newborn back. Today was a bit better with the 6am wake up call...6 we can do, but 5? really Baby T? Along with your usual 2am wake up feed? He also is a bit of a light napper, which in the same house as Forrest just doesn't jive. I'm a firm believer that whatever is true this week won't be next week, or at least next month, so lets just hope it all passes!

 Finger foods are also a new thing for this kiddo! He's a fan of putting everything into his mouth, especially those delicious puffs!
 I predict a 10-11 month walker here....though his balancing has gotten exponentially longer just in the last 2 days, so he could prove me wrong! But we are "helping" him out by putting him on his little baby butt as much as possible...;-)
These two brothers are such fun to watch. Tonight Forrest was decorating his brothers bald head with race car stickers as Talin scooted on the floor to chase him....cracking up the whole time. Pretty hilarious!!! They are a hoot, a hollar ( or a dozen....), and sure are cute along the way :-)


Jonna said...

So fun! Sounds like you've got a naked summer coming up, love it. Can't wait to see those boys! Maybe this summer??

Sheelagh said...

Your boys are so cute and sounds like a blast! I can't wait to see you and babyT and hope to see Forest this summer again! Our boys are all doing a lot of the same stuff. And yes! We are also looking forward to the 3s!