Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend Fun

The two Fulton brothers in their Easter weekend best!

At the local Willow Creek Egg Hunt, (we missed it, all of THREE minutes late! Never knew these egghunts were so nuts!)

As close as Forrest would get to this Easter Bunny, (I'd agree, a bit scary looking....)

Dying Easter Eggs, (He had a blast until he wanted to dye them ALL, all of the colors,---aka "brown" and mama regulated!)

Mr. E. Bunny arrives and delivers loads of goodies and treats!

We were lucky enough to spend Easter morning at our lovely neighbors house!

Talin baby had a blast "tasting" all the eggs Forrest would let him near, (not many!)

Look Mom, a BIG egg!

My boys already trying to get their hands on the same treat

Another BIG egg! Beautiful morning!

Delish and lovely meal! This picture doesn't do it, or the wonderful company justice. It was a 7 course feast with our fellow neighbor friends, all of which love our kids. We're so lucky!

The egg hunter in his fire man boots

"Is that Egg for me actually?" Baby T goes in for the grab....

Mmmmm, a good one!

Super happy nearly 11 month old toothy grin!

JUST out of his reach...maybe next year little Talin....

Baskets? Who needs those! We use nets around here for egg hunts!

That Easter Bunny sure does hide those eggs in tricky spots!

Assesing his loot, (what a load!)

Happy camper, (with WAY too much sugar!)

Tuckered out parents! A very fun Easter was had by all :-)

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Looks like a blast!