Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

Well if this is true then it is a WET party here in N. Cal. We have had several back to back wet storms up here, dumping tons of rain and making us yearn for the drier, sunnier, and warmer Spring days! But, it has made things exciting. Our front yard river, the Trinity, is at its second highest point since we moved here putting Alex's boats in some danger....
As of today....all is kosher with the beloved drift boats. They are still kind of "stuck" out there in the mighty river, but this is much better then being on the bottom of the river...or worse....
Forrest showing us the "BIG RIVER!!"
 The rain has also brought some great puddle walks, stormy cozy days inside filled with movies and every kiddie activity imaginable, and good conversation you only get when stuck inside...(yes some wine may have been involved :-)
Lots of puddle walks, woohooo!!!

Enjoying the newly blooming Redbud despite the deluge!

all of our home creeks are huge!!!

Cold weather walks are the best! has also brought some major bad kiddie bugs, (fevers, endless runny noses, ear infections, and as of today....puke....niiiicceeee way to round out the snot little T man....), a cranky baby Talin who is teething like mad AND sick, (and even though I'm all for getting the kids outside in rain, when they are sick...I don't...), and a rather agro moody Forrest who has energy to burn.
But we are surviving...and hoping, wishing, and praying to the Spring Equinox Goddess to have April bring....SCATTERED showers....instead of ENDLESS downpour...for those beautiful May flowers :-)

Our tulips are blooming!!! Joining our March daffodils :-)


Amy Musser said...

Glad to see you are making the best of all of the rain. I hope Talin feeling better soon. Sending our love your way!

Sheelagh said...

Oh. my. good. ness! Wow! That is one crazy river and one difficult week...sounds like anyway. We have been battling the sickness-es here too. YUCK! So done with them and also ready for sun. Hang in there mama!