Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Presents!

So above we have the famous "Skookie" pans! A gift from my grandpa and grandma. Alex and I tried them out for our Christmas Eve meal with goodies and I added candy cane to the chocolate chip cookie recipe for good peppermint flavor! mm MMMM!
And this is the little red fire truck from Aunt Nat to our little guy. I'm about 31 weeks ripe here. :-)
And these cute items are from the Aunt factor as well! They do a good job! Our little one, (and thus his parents,) were on the receiving end of many generous gifts this year! Included were a new car seat with stroller from my parents, the baby bassinet passed down in my family, (my grandpa slept in it!) and numerous fun books and cute and studly stuff!

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