Thursday, December 25, 2008

A White Christmas!

My first realy white christmas! How fun! Despite me having to work, it is so amazing to actually see snow flakes falling on Christmas Day. At the moment I am in Eureka, though I was lucky enough to spend the morning at home and enjoy the white stuff. Even the drive was fun! (Thanks to my trusty green machine!)
And, thank goodness, the health care climate today has been peaceful as me some free time. Out little boy in my tummy is a mover! Practicing his powerful punches as I write this. And he feels like he is getting bigger by the second. Alex does say that he can notice a day by day difference in my size...pretty amazing.
It's so nice to think of next year when we'll have a little person staring at our Christmas tree, scooting around on our floor, and perhaps raising havoc? Sounds fun!

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Jonna said...

Katie, I'm so excited for you guys! Glad you're feeling good and that the pregnancy is going well. I'm totally jealous of your white christmas!! How fun!

Miss you back!