Friday, February 13, 2009

head down and 38 weeks tomorrow...going with the flow!

So, the official ultrasound shows our baby's head to be down! I had a feeling everything was a ok, but it is nice for the reassurance. He's measuring about 6 pounds, 9 oz, and my placenta and amniotic fluid all look to be good, which is nice to know as well. There was also a question of me having too much amniotic fluid...I gained 4 pounds in one week according to the doc's scales, (two different scales by the way...) and even though my blood pressure and everything has been very normal, the amniotic fluid level was in question secondary to his high activity level, (lots of room to move!) As it turns out, he's just practicing his mad skills I guess despite the cramped quarters. And the 4 pound weight gain...? Well, I personally attribute that to my growing cankles. What are cankles you ask.....for me they are what used to be my ankles, that are now so huge they blend right into my calfs....huge I say! I think personally each one could probably weigh 2 pounds...give or take as my left one seems much bigger than the right. I'm sure if I was off my feet more I wouldn't have the problem...oh well. No biggie really, I've just become a fan of the nice drug store compression socks.
It's so nice to know we can just sit back and let things happen. I'm in no rush, am still feeling very good, and it's nice to know as well I don't already have a huge baby inside me that could get to be even more ginormous in the next 2 weeks. If he comes around his due date, he'll be around 71/2 pounds expecting the 1/2 pound a week he can pack on. And if he's a little early or late, he'll be just fine as well.
So now is the beginning of a beautiful rainy/snowy nesting weekend! We have a lot to do as I am very disorganized at the moment. So let the coziness and work begin.... :-)


Ashley said...

Good to hear your boy is head down!

Sheelagh said...

Glad to hear all is well. I'm also glad to read that you're not a crazy nesting mamma like I am who is in complete emotional turmoil when things are out of order!!! I'm working on getting it together.