Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forrest, two weeks old and Ranch update...

We have had little Forrest with us now for two weeks! Time has both flown by and crept by...creeping by because I do look forward to the day he is a bit older and out of the newborn stage so I can maybe stop worrying about an endless list of, if he's eating enough, if I'm producing enough milk, if he's fussy for a reason, or just simply fussy? Though I know this "Worrying" thing is probably just in it's infancy itself....I'm sure there will be a list of worry wart items to come.
I am currently feeling good as far as sleep...already have been out on several walks with Forrest, and overall am feeling good as far as healing from the C-Section. I'd say I really started feeling better 2 to 3 days ago. It's been beautiful here on the ranch. Alex has been working hard outside nearly every day, and spring is clearly upon us. Soon we will be in full swing with the garden and spare moments will be few and far between.
Our current bountiful harvest is in the form of eggs! We are netting about 18 eggs a many! Our hens are laying up a storm and despite giving our neighbors and friends eggs every week we currently have about 6-7 dozen in the fridge...lots of scrambled eggs/egg whites, and baking going on by all of us when we have time. I wish more people lived closer to us so we could share this bounty. Anyone have some good egg recipes?
Are other harvest this far is in the form of two asparagus spears...yes, only two. Alex tilled the old bed and apparently, most likely, did more harm than good. But they were delictable, when added to the store bought stuff. I ate plenty and hope that Forrest got his good share as well. Question: Do breastfed babies have smelly pee as well when their moms eat asparagus? I haven't noticed any yet with our little boy...I'd probably have to eat quite a lot!
Picture time:::::

He seems to like the running water. Alex even got a smile out of him! Though he's a bit of a farty baby as well....:-)

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Sheelagh said...

He is too cute! And you are awesome! Getting out to walk and see the forest with your new Forest baby! So cool. And I love those pictures by the water. Is that a lake or the ocean?
And your garden sounds wonderful. I have yet to plant a thing this year...bummer!