Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pregnancy Update, pizza on the brain

A little antsy, "blog" happy, and I am sorry you are getting another picture of one of my pizza's...I just realized that as I write this! But, I have a sneaking suspicion that my "blogging" time will dramatically decrease within why not...

So, yes, I AM still pregnant. And yes, my due date WAS 5 days ago. YES, the baby is most likely getting pretty big at this point, but he obviously just isn't quite ready to come out yet. This is me trying to be patient. I have already been offered an induction by my OB and midwife last week, but I turned them down as at this point there is no medical indication for one. We went in for a check up yesterday. They're watching me closely, checking the fetal heart rate for about 20 minutes twice a week, and doing an ultrasound to watch his amniotic fluid level, (AFI), and at this point he's doing great, growing like a champ. This is just standard protocol...nothing is worrisome at this point. His AFI is normal, but a low normal so I'm drinking plenty of fluids and hoping for the best. He measured at 7 lbs, 13 oz at last ultrasound on my due date, (which can be pretty off from time to time, lets just hope it's not off on the bigger side of things!) And he's still moving around tons.
So, next check up for me a baby will be Tuesday. At that point he will officially be a week late, as they are going by my due date of March 3rd, (I've had a few...). I am confident he will come when he and I are both ready, and am trying to enjoy the relaxing days of no work, and sleeping in, (if I so choose too...though haven't really done it yet!) If he gets near the 42 week mark, and continues to decide not to join us, we'll most likely start having to think about helping him out into our world.
And, just because pictures always make things better, here is me today, making up a pizza storm. This is actually just one of two pies to feed us through early next week I hope! Got to keep Alex going, as he's still working hard. And don't worry, I really didn't eat all of this myself! (Not much room in the belly anymore...) Overall I'm feeling good besides the obvious back ache and constant trips to the bathroom....Goes with the territory though!

Hopefully, possibly, the last picture of the baby on the inside?.....

And....PIZZA! This one ended up being half tomato, pinapple, mozarella, olive, and basil sausage, with the other half being similar, except with a white alfredo sauce, (ran out of marinara...)
I'll let you know how it was!

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Sheelagh said...

First of all YUM!
Second of are awesome! You go girl! Keep on with your positive attitude and that little guy WILL come meet you when he's ready. I'm thinking of you and hoping for smooth sailing.
As for size, it's all relative. You will do great no matter what!