Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 2nd Annual Riverbend Neighborhood Progressive Dinner...

Yep, we call ourselves the Riverbenders...our little neighborhood out here in the sticks...
Have you ever been a part of a Progressive Dinner? It's a great time! We have a great little neighborhood community out here in Salyer and today we repeated our annual progressive dinner. Our neighbors include weekenders, vacationers, and full time residents such as ourselves. The age range starts with our very own Forrest at 5 months, to the seasoned retired veterans. Each house is responsible for a different part of the meal, (appetizers and drinks, soup, salad, main course, dessert). Makes for a long meal and a LOT of food but it's so fun to travel to other neighbors houses. Maybe this is extra special in our neck of the woods because eveyone always has some new project they are starting/finishing, or perhaps new land they just purchased. We also have quite a variety of houses, from the super cool deluxe tent and outdoor kitchen of Michael and Donnvieve who have not built a house yet, to the super epic Taylors' house which is extra fancy and is always a treat to be in.
So...we started at the Taylors' for appetizers and drinks...Forrest of course was the star, (as you will see is common place throughout the afternoon and evening...)
We munched on yummy artichoke dip, eggplant/tomato dip, wine, beer, you name it. This easily could have filled me up!
Forrest had a blast here as he loved their nice carpet to roll around on, and the interesting, (and EXPENSIVE I'm sure!) knickknacks everywhere.

Our next stop was Michael and Donnvieve's....where we feasted on a delectable ceaser salad, home grown tomatoes, and homemade bread.

There spot was lovely to sit in the shade, feel the breeze, and eat our salad with chopsticks! A first for me with salad! House or no house the spot is beautiful...

Our next stop was to the Fitzgerald's for soup...and did they ever do this one right! We had a cold berry soup that was so yummy on this hot day, and also a delicious clam chowder. MMMMmmmm.
Forrest loved it so much he took a nap, (mom and dad cheered, and I'm sure the neighbors did too).
For the main course we headed to the Mayvilles house. I LOVE their house, very cute, with a screened in porch and awesome view. Perfect for sitting with that perfect drink and letting the evening linger, or the food digest in our case!
The main couse was so awesome, chicken marseille with grapes! You know it's good when people start going for seconds when they are already claiming to be stuffed, which we were by this point.

We finished the evening at the Waller's for dessert, homemade Boston cream pie. Wow! It was amazing.
A very great evening for all of us Riverbenders!


Ashley said...

Sounds like fuN!

Sheelagh said...

That's so cool! Talk about community!!! I love my hood, but crave something more like yours in years to come. You are living my someday! Yu are so very blessed.

The food sounds yummy. I'm impressed by all the home grown and home made! I also LOVE the last picture of you and Forest. SOOOOOO CUTE! You look beautiful!